Roberto Henderson

Case Manager at Whole Life Recovery

Originally from the Caribbean, I was born into a Celtic/Mayan family that emphasized education as the path to success . At 14 years old I started my experience with alcohol and drugs and it was all downhill from there. Eventually, in 1976 I migrated to the U.S.but continued to have lots of life failures because of my alcohol and drug use. After many years of homelessness and institutional commitments, I reached for help from the 12 steps community and my life took a turn for the better. Sober since 1989, I entered Los Angeles City College and earned a Certificate as a Substance Abuse Counselor and an AA in Human services in 1995.

Strong Background in Dual Diagnosis

Trained in highly effective clinical approaches

I eventually was accepted into California State University at Los Angeles where I earned a Psychology and I am now pursuing a Master's in Social Work. A Member of CAADAC/CCAPP since 2000, I also developed a strong background in Dual Diagnosis, Anger Management and Domestic Violence Counseling. A proud Father and Grandfather I believe strong spiritual principles, effective clinical approaches, medicine and service as the successful path to recovery from addiction. I've been a Counselor for 25 years and I have no doubts I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing in life. I am also actively involved in the Native American community as a volunteer and participant in traditional practices and ceremony.

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