Each Story is Different

A custom intervention plan from a professional is necessary

We are here for you and want to help prepare you for an intervention. Call our helpline at (800) 748-6402 now to setup an appointment to speak with one of our licensed counselors or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and tell us your story. Setting up an intervention is the first step and it’s free.

If you are not comfortable calling us at this time, we have developed an outline for launching a successful intervention.

Intervention Success

Having prior preparation will allow you to be more confident

When preparing for an intervention having all concerned family, friends, counselors, and other loved ones present is important. If a loved one can not be there, and wants to participate, have them write a letter and print it out to be read by you. All participants should prepare letters that are printed out and describe their experiences with the addict’s behavior. Each participant should include a list of the addict’s behaviors that are no longer acceptable (examples could include no loaning money, no drugs/alcohol allowed in the house, etc).

Usually, having the meeting run by an interventionist or counselor is recommended. It is also recommended to hold a rehearsal meeting so that everyone is comfortable with the process and knows what to expect. This will lead to better success and confidence.

  • Printed Letter
  • Rehersal Meeting
  • All Concenrned Present
  • Intervention Expert
  • Stop Behavior List

Before the intervention, it is best to coordinate with Whole Life Recovery to pre-schedule the anticipated date of arrival. All major health insurance companies are now required to cover substance abuse treatment, so the out-of-pocket costs will be minimal. We can run an insurance pre-check in 30 minutes to verify that the insurance will be accepted, just call our helpline at (800) 748-6402.

Tell Us Your Story

Every client’s path to recovery is different, we want to hear yours