Your Toolbox of Prayers

One Thought Pushes Out Another
                                                             Bilbo Baggins

pray serenity 2It is no accident that most AA meetings end with the Serenity Prayer.  It points to the practice of surrender based on courage and wisdom.  It doesn’t have to be a prayer to an eternal being or to a saint but, rather, a personal bid to do better, be better.  It is an ironic empowering humility.  Standing in full surrender it lifts one to intend to be sober and clean another day.  Spoken in a circle of comrades, holding hands, acknowledging a shared struggle.

It is the realized intention of Step 11, “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understand them to be, praying only for knowledge of their will for us and the power to carry that out.”  Surrender the wheel as our driving has not worked out well at all.prayer weeder

There is another powerful use of prayer that works much like a weeder, uprooting embedded lazy repetitions that pull us down.  Old triggers, familiar smells, memories live deep in the mind, planted and cultivated in the worst of times.  They patiently wait to capture us in old destructive patterns.  It is that relentless and powerful little dandelion that mocks us.  We thought we pulled up the root to end the cycle.  Bending over, ripping up the green leaves and wispy flower, we have left the seed, the base or a hole calling to be filled.  Habits, unconscious attractions, easy ideas spring up again.

pray affirmationThere is an effective alternative to just pulling the weed, to just saying no.  That is saying yes.  It is filling the hole with prayer.  It can be the Hail Mary.  It can be an affirmation.  It can be favored quotation or poem.  It need only be a conscious replacement to that nagging worry or self-destructive notion.  Repeated again and again until the thought loses its stranglehold.

This new tool is more than diluting the known darkness, it is flooding the mind with new light.  Hopefully it will become the new habit, the new relentless statement.  It will crowd out and, finally, destroy the old tapes. prayer Tool Box 2

Whole Life Recovery offers tools which will last a lifetime.  We work with you personally to give you new perspectives, new alternatives, new ideas on how to stay above the vortex of craving and substance abuse.  You don’t leave with 90 days, you leave with your own custom toolbox; always with you, ready and available.