Admissions Process


Your case manager and therapist want to meet you
Within 24 hours of admission, your Case Manager and Therapist will make initial contact with you to introduce themselves as well as scheduling initial appointments. Within 72-hours of admission, you will complete your first session with both your Case Manager and Therapist as well. In those initial sessions, an orientation to Whole Life Recovery will occur as well as completing all necessary assessments and collaborating on and completing your individualized treatment plan which is your roadmap to recovery. Your success in treatment depends on how you follow your treatment plan and work with your treatment team. Your treatment plan will be updated every 15 to 30 days with both your Case Manager and Therapist.

Process And Psychoeducational Groups

You will attend 19 groups per week. These groups will be both process oriented and psychoeducational groups. Each group will have a topic dependent upon your current phase of treatment and in addition to time being allotted to process any necessary issues and address any crisis issues. The groups are a chance for you to develop relationships with others in recovery and provide a feeling of not being alone. You will not only be educated on your addiction but be provided with the tools to address past issues that have played a role in your addiction. Family groups will be available to those interested in addressing issues with the chemically dependent family and codependency issues.

12-Step Meetings

Whole Life Recovery will introduce, or reintroduce, you to the multitude of 12-Step Programs available in Orange County. As a part of your treatment, you will attend meetings in your area and provide proof of attendance to those meetings. You are responsible for attending a minimum of 4 self-help/12-step meetings per week.

Drug Testing

Drug testing will be a mandatory component to your program due to the nature of outpatient treatment. Drug testing provides a way to maintain a safe environment for you and those around you. Although we understand that relapses may occur in recovery, relapses will not be taken lightly. You will be required to provide a drug test specimen every 72-hours and a minimum of 3 times per week.

Phases of Treatment

Whole Life Recovery offers three phases of treatment, each phase leading you toward independence and successful completion of our program. Each phase offers new habits and tools as well as ways of coping and addressing issues that arise in your life. To learn for about the Whole Life Recovery