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Professional Care

Once a part of our family, always part of our family

Whole Life Recovery is filled with dedicated licensed professionals that possess the skills to treat addiction for life. Licensed staff members include a program director, family therapist, and counselors. We are here for you!

Located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, California, we welcome clients from all over the nation. Southern California has become the number one destination for treatment. The main reason for this is the fellowship, brotherhood, and sisterhood of the local community. Over 1,500 alcohol anonymous meetings are held each week in Southern California. Our friendly staff will provide transportation everywhere you need to go, including detox (if needed), to and from the airport, treatment, and counseling. Out of pocket costs are kept to a minimum for those with current health insurance.

Whole Life Recovery Program

We are an all-inclusive drug and alcohol treatment program serving patient centered, custom created individual whole life plans

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    Meaningful recovery starts with your system being clean.

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    Your Brain

    Using the latest technology, we get a baseline QEEG of 30 different parts of your brain. The software creates what is called a "brain map".

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    Your Body

    We run tests to determine your nutritional levels and create a plan to restore your system to normal levels.

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    We start with psychological evaluations to create a custom therapy plan for you.

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    The Universe

    Some call it God, some call it a higher power. We have deep discussions about how you view the universe affects your recovery.

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    Support System

    Lasting recovery needs strong support. We incorporate family into our programs.

Whole Life Recovery Vision

Recovery is different for each and every one of us

At Whole Life Recovery, our vision is to create a whole life plan that is custom for each and every client. The personalized treatment plan is customized in the following ways:

What Sets Us Apart

A true mind, body and spirit program leading to meaningful change

With brain mapping, we are able to map 30 different parts of your brain. Many times, with addicts, there are parts of the brain that are 2 standard deviations or higher from the norm. In these cases, those parts of the brain are not communicating effectively with the other parts of the brain.

The exciting news is that with neurofeedback we can retrain the brain to comminicate more effectively with the rest of the parts of the brain. Imagine your brain with 10%, 15%, or 20% more efficient communication. What would the "new you" be like? Learn More


After the initial brain mapping session, our clients are given a custom package that shows which parts of the brain are not effectively communicating. Each part of the brain is responsible for different aspects (motor skills, depression, short term memory, etc). We provide documentation to our clients about which parts of their brain are not efficiently communicating and what it could mean for the clients day to day life.

Once we know the areas of the brain that need help to communicate for effectively, we can begin neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is the direct real time training of brain function, so that it can learn to function more efficiently. With our software, we can specifically target the areas of the brain that are off from the norm. All of this is non invasive, and only requires our client to wear headphones and watch special brain rewarding simulations.


At Whole Life Recovery, we try to measure the phases of recovery at every step. When a client arrives, they will have a psych evaluation, nutritional evaluation, and a neurotransmitter level analysis.

In addition, the client will take a self URICA assessment that measures the client's willingness for meaningful change and that will be combined with the therapist's assessment. This will determine the custom path for the client going forward.


Together, as a team and a family, our mission is to create the opportunity for our clients to live an authentic and rewarding life by treating the whole person through mind, body and spirit, while decreasing chances of recidivism by providing innovative and quality treatment.

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    Treatment Program

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Your Environment

A peaceful and nurturing environment is a cornerstone of recovery

At Whole Life Recovery, we strive for excellence in all that we do. This includes the environment for your recovery. Please take a moment and view images of where your recovery will take place.

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    San Juan Capistrano, California

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  • Sober Living

    Sober Living

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